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Cassidy Rey

The magic behind Let’s Get Friggin’ Weird is none other than Hollistic Life Coach, Reiki Master and Psychic/Medium, Cassidy Rey. Known for her fearless outlook on life and death, Cassidy is determined to share her gifts around the world. In the last two years, she has been a solo gypsy-traveler building her business. Now exploring the beauty of Mexico, Cassidy still offers many holistic practices to clients virtually and in person. 

From Tarot readings, to Reiki sessions, to connecting with your loved ones who have passed over, Cassidy will put all of your speculations to rest. Staying true to her wild, loud, and high energy self, Cassidy will make you feel comfortable and safe, but most of all she’ll make you smile. She values her ability to see the other side of life and strives hard to ignite sparks in people through the healing messages they need, to become their best and highest selves. 

Let’s Get Friggin’ Weird

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  1. I loved my reading! Cass really opened my eyes and encouraged me to pursue my passion and continue to grow my business✨ Highly recommend getting a reading because Cass is an amazing person and has an amazing gift♥️


  2. If you want to experience full body chills, get a reading done! I’m normally quite a skeptic, but Cass completely changed my perspective. I felt it was so personal, genuine, true and honest. Thank you x a milly!


  3. Loved my reading and experience with Cass! Ive had a couple readings done but none were actually as genuine and thorough as this one. Cass was spot on with my reading and I trust her advice. Will be back for more!!

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  4. I love my reading! Cassidy made me feel optimistic and made me more aware. Very good experience!❤️ Thank you so much!!❤️❤️❤️


  5. I love my reading!! Cassidy made me feel optimistic and more aware. A great experience. Thank you so much Cassidy ❤️❤️❤️


  6. This reading was really fun to do and crazy with how closely it aligned with my life . I havent spoken to Cass about many of the topics and themes that occurred and it made me much more aware of what’s going on in the universe! It was fun to have a “viewing” into all the different aspects and guidance on my life. It did not feel forced or phony and instead left me feeling rejuvenated and more in touch with my spiritual side.


  7. Cassidy’s kindness and genuine heart really peak through in delivering her readings. Her messages are healing and empowering, as well as they are insanely accurate. I highly recommend booking and experiencing your spiritual side through her!


  8. I had my reading back in December and boy was she right. Keep in mind this was my first reading ever in my life. So you can say I was some what iffy about it. Now man she doesn’t know me personally or anything and she told me my deep issue that I try to avoid I would say. Or hit on certain people in my life after that reading things started to alone therefore I was like dam Cassidy you was right. Lol but all in all I enjoyed and appreciated my reading and I forsure have told some of my friends I know y’all will be surprised what this awesome women can do. Omg I can’t forget to tell y’all her delivery in her readings are so amazing like she made me feel comfortable and feel her presence idk how to explain it. But it was awesome! 😊


  9. I’ve never ever in my entire existence on Earth that I know of have gotten a reading from anyone but I’ve heard of stories and how inaccurate or misleading they sometimes are. I LITERALLY WAS SO SHOOKETH by Cass’ reading in connecting me to a loved one as it was spot on ACCURATE and beautiful in every way. So genuine, so frickin rad and she was a hawmie instantly hehe. It’s an experience I will forever cherish and hold close to my heart because it helped me IMMENSELY in my healing process. Her life reading was very informative as well because of how much information she receives from spirit guides. Let me just say you will not regret getting a reading from Cass because she’s absolutely bonkers (in the good way) it’s SO impeccable to vibe w someone that’s so down to Earth and wholesome. Thanks again Cassidy, you ROCKKK ❤


  10. I recently had a reading with Cassidy, and it was a lovely experience. Cassidy is down to earth, and made me feel comfortable while in a vulnerable state.
    She was able to tap into the things I was struggling with and deliver prompt and affirming information. I don’t know her personally, we are strangers, but it felt like she already knew me with her reading. I would recommend her to any friend or stranger who is looking for some guidance. She delivers a service that IMHO is priceless- for a fair and accessible price. Thanks again, Cassidy!


  11. I have done a few readings with Cassidy and her insight has been powerful. One of the readings she connected with my grandpa and had a very powerful message for me to share with my mom and grandma that provided a lot of healing and comfort to them both. She has also connected with my spirit guides at a low point in my life (one that she didn’t know about prior to the reading but I reached out in crisis mode) and the message she relayed to me had my jaw on the floor it was so accurate, encouraging, and healing. It brought me to tears. Thank you cassidy for all you are doing. You are so powerful and are doing massive things for the collective. I love you!


  12. I’ve had a star seed reading/tarot card reading done by Cass and she is truly magic.✨ She is so sweet, genuine and so insightful! When I first got a reading from Cass we did not know each other, she had so much to say about so many things I was struggling with and it brought a lot of clarity to where I was at in my life. Her words have made me seek out a better and healthier mindset. She continues to inspire and encourage me! Her purpose is great, if you’re looking for some guidance, you’ve come to the right spot.


  13. Cassidy has been spot on! She reassured what has been laid on my heart. I didn’t even have to tell her anything about me and it’s truly a gift! She’s the best!


  14. My reiki experience with Cassidy was very positive. I left the session with a renewed sense of calmness and clarity. I look forward to having another session soon! (:


  15. I had my very first Reiki session ever and was so blessed to experience it with Cassidy! She is the easiest person to talk to, she’s very honest, open and down to earth…I felt like I could ask her anything and she wasn’t going to just tell me what I wanted to hear, she was gonna tell me the truth. Cassidy is 100% the real deal, she is on the cutting edge of a major break through in Reiki therapy. Connecting the mind, body and soul in a therapy session is where it’s at! The gifts that she has are one of a kind and I felt so much positive energy moving through me during the entire session. Ever since my session I have been able to tap into my intuition and really expand my mind and see things in a totally different light. Cassidy, thank you so much for sharing your talents and gifts with us…you are changing the world everywhere you go!


  16. Cassidy is beyond amazing . I have had 2 sessions so far with Cassidy. My first session I went in not knowing what to expect. I left speechless and blown away. Cassidy is the real deal. She is so insightful and always leaves me with meaningful messages from my spirit guides and my loved ones. Every session with her I am blown away by her gift. Each session is very healing for me. Cassidy is absolutely amazing and sooo nice . I’m always excited to share my experiences with family and friends. I highly recommend ! Can’t wait for my next session..


  17. Before mentioning Cassidy’s amazing gifts, I’ll start by saying that she has a wonderful personality and ability to connect with you which makes these vulnerable situations much more comfortable and peaceful. She’s incredibly authentic, and I absolutely love that.

    She did a past-life reading for me and also shared messages from my spirit guides. The information she shared and connections she made were so incredible that there is no way you can doubt the validity of her gifts. There were several times during my reading that I had to just pause and look at the wall in disbelief at the accuracy. 😂

    From this experience, I feel a clearer understanding of myself and what next steps I want to take in my life to ensure I’m living in alignment and doing right by my soul.

    I can’t say enough good things about Cassidy or my experience. She is humble, genuine, authentic, and has such a special gift.


    • ahhh Jackie you’re going to make me cry over here! Thank you so much for saying all of that. I’m so happy we found each other!! It was one of my favorite readings EVER!


  18. Cass is all hit and no misses. Even if you think your reading doesn’t apply to you, listen to it in a couple weeks, months it’ll start making sense. She is so kind and has such a cool soul. She’s so generous with her gift and is definitely a gem. If you’re here reading this, do it.❤️


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