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Due to my high # of clients I ask that you be patient with receiving your reading! 3-4 weeks from your sign up date is normal. If you need your reading ASAP (for example if you need it for a birthday surprise or have to make a career decision ASAP) Please let me know and we can work out an additional cost $ to bump you up the wait-list.


(pay when you book)

As a Psychic/Medium I am able to channel your spirit guides and angels to help give you the healing messages you need to hear to become your best and highest self. Remember, spirit knows best and they will never share any information you are not ready to hear and work with. As spiritual beings in human bodies we can store traumas in us from not only this life but many other lives before (even from B.C. time)! I am also able to communicate with ET’s and see if you are from other star systems. Spirit will show me anything you need to know. With my psychic gifts I am able to tune into the lives that played the most importance to what is currently happening in your life to help heal and grow you into your best self. Be open to your messages as some things have not yet played out fully in your life that I will pick up on. I will always keep it real & raunchy. Lets heal together!

Questions I will be tuning into for you (pre-recorded audio):

1) What cycle is coming to completion in your life that you have carried from previous lives?

2) What emotional weight do you need to let go of to up-level your souls growth in this lifetime?

3) Which of your Chakras is storing trauma right now/how can you balance them?

4) How will you know you are divinely guided (colors, animals, angel numbers, etc.)?

I will contact you via email (cassidyprey@gmail.com) check your spam/junk mail!

PLEASE PAY WHEN YOU BOOK: I cannot add you to my wait-list without payment. If you have an inquiry you can fill out the form under the “connect” tab, not under the reading you are interested in. If you would like to connect with a loved one who passed over, please fill out the form under ‘connect’ to discuss further. I am a one woman show over here, it makes my life easier! Thank you for understanding.

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