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Reiki + Live Channeling Spirit

$125 USD for 30 mins

$222 USD for 60 mins

The best investment you could ever make is in yourself 


I will be tapping into each of your Chakras to see what you need to adjust in terms of health (mental and physical) using my Reiki/Energy/Crystal healing techniques.

My clients who come to me for Reiki are usually at a place in their life where they feel they need profound change & healing. I’ve seen such growth within you all. It’s truly amazing to see Spirit work its way into your life successfully. This is such a beautiful practice…and at some points very emotionally painful. 

My reiki sessions vary with each client but usually it goes like this; 

•You are laying on the massage table with a blindfold on. I have incense burning and sound frequencies playing as well. 

•I speak to my spirit guide Sobek (He is an Ancient Egyptian God of Fertility) and ask him what your body and mind need. Sometimes this means a loved one who has passed over comes through to give you a message or a sign. Sometimes this is a past life revelation I see that is playing into your current life karma. Sometimes it’s adding/taking away something in your daily routine like foods & drinks. Sometimes it’s oncoming health issues like scoliosis, bulging discs, blood pressure, stomach pains, MCL/PCL/LCL issues, seizures, etc. it varies for each individual. Sometimes It’s discussing a painful miscarriage, abortion, or sexual trauma. It changes per client.

•I place my hands on your body at some points if I feel called. Sometimes on the top of your head, shoulders, knees, back, feet, etc. I simply listen to where spirit tells me you need the most healing energy sent in that moment. 

•I work my way down your 7 Chakras from crown to root and unblock stored energy with my hand movements and crystal placements. 

•I write down the main messages spirit needs you to remember (although a mediums notebook often looks like a bunch of circles and scribbles lol). 

•I thank God, my spirit guides, and your spirit guides for allowing us the space to heal in that hour. 

•The session is concluded and we review the notes I wrote down for you. 

•You leave feeling like a million bucks, or extremely exhausted…kinda depends how much trauma you are working through. 

PLEASE PAY WHEN YOU BOOK: I cannot add you to my wait-list without payment. I am a one woman show over here, it makes my life easier! Thank you for understanding.

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