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Let’s Get Friggin’ Weird


Love, Career, Finances, Health (pick 2/$45 each additional)

(pay when you book)

Due to my high # of clients I ask that you be patient with receiving your reading! 1-2 weeks from your sign up date is normal 🙂

As a Psychic/Medium I am able to channel your spirit guides and angels to help give you the healing messages you need to hear to become your best and highest self. Remember, spirit knows best and they will never share any information you are not ready to hear and work with. This can include anything from blocked chakras, loved ones giving you messages, past life revelations coming through, etc. It changes for each client. Be open to your messages as some things have not yet played out fully in your life that I will pick up on. I will always keep it real & raunchy. Lets heal together!

Questions I will ask your guides/angels (pre-recorded audio):

1) What do my spirit guides want to highlight for me?

2) What signs should I be looking for (colors, animals, angel numbers, etc.)?

3) A channeled song that your spirit guides want me to send you

Everything is sent via txt message

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